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Essay [excerpt]:

Léonie Guyer makes paintings and drawings. They consist mostly of abstract shapes, usually modest in scale, made with oil paint or pencil. In her mind, an artwork is a place where countless decisions are condensed and compacted together, and she works to intensify that concentration by keeping her paintings small and reduced down to their bare essentials: color, surface, and shape. She tries to do the most with the least. And yet to call her works "small" is misleading. Better would be to say that she makes "immeasurable" works of art, which doesn't mean that they are epic in scale but simply that they are not meant to be measured.

- Anthony Huberman, "Leonie Guyer: form in the realm of," CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts
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Essay [excerpt]:

Guyer develops the abstract glyphs that become the dynamic foci of the paintings in relationship to an archive of her own drawings, but ultimately, each unique shape reaches fruition according to its own nature, as the painting evolves over many months. The shapes are inspired by objects and artifacts such as Cycladic figures (6500 to 1650 BCE) and antique Turkish prayer rugs (thirteenth to fifteenth centuries). Each one harnesses a unique simplicity and intimacy within the expansive whiteness of the ground, and each one possesses a pulsing interiority. As forms, they are not filled but forming - their intensity, not without humor and lyricism, can feel at times like a flash of insight or an oasis of repose - another dimension of the flow of being and becoming at the heart of Guyer's work.

- Stephanie Snyder, "ABSTRACT: Léonie Guyer, Ruth Laskey and Lynne Woods Turner," Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College
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